Social Media Marketing

social-media-488886_1280On the surface, the process and value of social media marketing may be very enigmatic to business owners. When some traditional methods of advertising, including mailers and word of mouth, still draw in new clients, digital marketing can prove particularly perplexing for newcomers. Sure, your company’s last post reached a wide audience and gained a few clicks, but isn’t there more to it? And, ultimately, how do a few likes, +1s and retweets actually benefit the company?

In truth, those likes, +1s and retweets you gained throughout the course of your social media marketing campaign are not the end result of a well-founded campaign–the outcomes go much deeper than that. The boom of the internet and the rise of globally popular social media channels give business owners and marketers alike the unique opportunity to target their audience members in a brand new way. While an increase in sales is one of the main results of a successful social media presence–with a recent HubSpot study demonstrating that social media beats outbound marketing in closing sales by a whopping 100%–that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few more ways social media marketing can benefit your business:


  • Increasing brand awareness. When you post your content to any social media channel, you’re reaching out to a global audience. Never before have entrepreneurs had the chance to target such a broad range of people and expand their fan bases around the world. With the right focus and keen insight, the possibilities are nearly limitless.
  • Establishing brand authority. According to a study by Brandpoint, 68% of all consumers examine a company’s social media presence before they decide to make a purchase. Social media allows companies not only to share their unique expert content, but also to interact with their communities and demonstrate their expertise by answering questions and solving issues.
  • Gaining audience insights. Even without the innovative tools provided by a number of social channels, including Facebook and Twitter, social media allows business leaders and marketers to gain a firm grasp on their audience’s needs, desires, and perceptions of the company. Through social listening–which involves monitoring hashtag usage, reading and replying to comments, and delving into fans’ stated likes and dislikes–perceptive social gurus can improve brand images, fix products, and provide an overall richer experience for customers.


While social media marketing brings with it a multitude of benefits, it does take a great deal of time and expertise to truly maximize its effectiveness. That’s why you need the expert social media team at Elephant Ear to manage your social media presence. Our experienced social directors can put best practices into action so you can focus on your business. When you’re ready to expand your herd, contact Elephant Ear at (321) 537-2649 and start building your unique solution today.


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