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In the age of online transactions and digital storefronts, Elephant Ear celebrates the power of real people through community building and communication–both on social media and face to face. Much the same way our namesake pachyderms build strong family groups and openly interact with other circles, Elephant Ear helps you engage and excite your herd so you can build long-term, productive, real relationships. Celebrate your brand with Elephant Ear.


Elephant Ear is a full-service social media, content, and event marketing company, offering the following services

Social Media Marketing

Social media provides businesses with the unique opportunity to reach out and interact directly with their fans and customers. We're dedicated to giving a human touch to each digital handshake.

Content Marketing

Every successful social media campaign is based on high-quality, engaging content. Elephant Ear has what you need to keep your fan base nourished, yet hungry for more.

Digital Marketing For Start Ups

Small business owners and startup companies need cost-effective, compelling marketing campaigns to make their brands known. We have the tools to get your company noticed.

Event Marketing

No event would be successful without a group of excited attendees. We help you market and showcase your event to maximize your success.


By tapping into the rich data provided by Google and social media analytics tools, Elephant Ear can measure the success of your campaign and adjust as needed, giving you a dynamic plan that responds to real-time demands.

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